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  • At Unspam, we are the leaders in helping consumers to express their preferences and giving companies the tools to respect them.


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    Quick Information

    At Unspam, we are the leaders in providing governments with do-not-contact registry deployments. In addition to providing the infrastructure for e-mail, fax, mobile phone and instant messenger do-not-contact registries, Unspam assists companies in complying with child protection registry laws. Founded by attorneys and computer scientists, Unspam's approach takes into account both the legal and technological aspects of electronic messaging. Beyond our work with governments, Unspam has the longest-running, most robust e-mail address harvester monitoring network, named Project Honey Pot. Large ISPs currently use Project Honey Pot data to track down the bad guys and keep spam from subscribers' inboxes.


    Registry Compliance 4.3 for Windows Now Available
    (Jul 11, 2019 ; Technical Announcement by Eric L)

    Version 4.3 of the Registry Compliance application for windows is now available Download Now

    Parenting in a Digital Era
    (Mar 28, 2016 ; Summary by ; Article by Mother's Niche Blog)

    Parenting in a digital era has its challenges. As a working mother who is driven and often distracted by the constant connection to work and social platforms, I have caught myself tuning into the screen rather than my children's faces. There have been times even when my kids were demanding my attention, and I found myself unable to disconnect from the technology in my hands. Distracted parenting has caused some real strife in my relationships with my children.

    When my children were young it was easier to set up "dates" and to go out and connect with them. While reading this blog post, it reaffirmed my need to put down the device. While technology can add a lot of enjoyment, convenience, and education it can never replace what we as humans need, to know we are loved and feel a connection with those around us.

    I hope you enjoy this authors post and make time to enjoy your children.

    25 Fabulously Unforgettable Dates with Your Child that You Both Will Still be Talking About for Months

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